How Monument valley pushed me beyond my limits !

I purchased a Google gift card and with a satisfied smile on my face and my eyes gleaming, I pressed download button.

Three minutes past the download, the additional game files started to follow suit. I couldn’t be happier.

I cleared the first five stages with increasing wonder. Every stage in the game is indeed a lifetime experience. In conjunction with those dreamy sounds, the minimalistic illustrations tried incessantly to keep me soothed.

What makes this game stand out from other games ?

  • The sleek minimalistic design.
  • Dreamy echoic sound patterns throughout the gameplay.
  • Absolute distraction from the real world.

My thoughts started to take a continual break. I breathed heavily after completing each stage. I kept thinking on and on about solving the puzzle. This game is 100% far from being pointless.

Post completion of the game, I pondered why this game isn’t free in the app store. The world needs copious games like this one.

What it later on made me think is…
  • You must try out buying games and apps because you might like them.
  • Games like monument valley can be exotic when played in an iPad.
  • This game is far by the best digital gift for someone who loves puzzles.
  • This is the period which is seeing a tremendous change in the perspectives pertaining to gamers and the nondescript.
  • Shifting to iOS is just a matter of perspective.

Monument valley is

“Truly a digital masterpiece !”

I do search for android and iOS apps quite frequently and i seldom try out iOS' apps as I’m not adapted to it.

My wish list is considerably big in android and free space deprivation is a big trouble always.

Android shockingly gives much more opportunities to this world and the denizens ought to use it in a frugal manner. The days of websites are numbered.

With the inception of apps, everything requires much less effort than the traditional or hardcore bone to finger work.

It’s been one year since I’ve loved android and its respective apps. To look back once in my life it would be……..

“Should’ve tried iOS as well”

If you love trying out new things, there is a quick way and an opportunity that knocks your door more than once — ”apps”.

There are apps to prevent heart stroke watch earth from space and I could go on forever ! It hasn’t been a decade for the apps and here they are, changing everything.

From being a conversation starter to having a lottery ! We’ve come a long way in this world of apps “already”. We can see YouTube videos popping up quite frequently remarking the app world.

I’m a happy android user !

Thank you guys ! See ya !

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