My body while writing an exam.

Exams are a summer time sadness. They last quite long and take everything that I have like faith, youth and energy.

Sitting on the bench for three hours ! Where am I ? What is this place ? Why are my bums aching so much ?

A silent room waiting to be chaotic. I’m part of that now. I didn’t know that my hair was so soft. I’m lucky in a way that by doing something I hate, I find diminutive things that I love.

I feel empathy for the mentally challenged. Because now I know how they feel. The worse isn’t over yet. Oxygen deprivation is an embellishment that nurtures the madness within.

My smile! I start to wonder why isn’t there any cheat-code for an AK-47 in real life. I would kill all the people around here(with a gentle smile 😊).

How can someone write 35 pages in three hours? I barely manage to get to 18. You don’t get marks unless your handwriting is certified by the international calligraphy institute. Ohhh please ! Let me live.

There is a cool breeze gushing through the window. By the time it touches me, I could feel the sizzles. My engines were running too hot. That breeze was the last touch of a rich life source.

Define ridiculousness. The question paper never stops to surprise me with its lollipop questions.

Ask me about iPhone 6.

But hell no ! All they ask is related to…..

Alas ! It’s difficult to cope up with life quickly after that. You need to be overwhelmed continually so that you don’t despise it.

So…. By sitting for a light year writing an exam, all I’ve learnt is…..

Thanks for understanding and your patience too….

Peace out ✌.

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