My consistency.

I was lazy to write.

But let me tell you a story first. Not so long ago with my dad, I’ve been to an office canteen.

We sat down with a male nurse who had been all around India. My dad engaged in a conversation with him.

The man told about his experiences on military attacks. He lived in Kashmir for 5 months these were the things that shook me.

  • Never be on the streets at night because even the cops have trouble differentiating between a civilian and a militant.
  • They molest and rape if they find pretty women.
  • The forests are beyond beautiful and a magnificent creation of God.
  • His kids had to go to a new school every year due to transfers.
  • Blood is a bad scene.
  • Fear keeps you alive.

I heard him telling all these elaborately. It was nothing less than listening to a horror story. I didn’t know what to think of. Soldiers in freezing climate ! -20°c !

And I’m here unable to write on medium consistently. This is ridiculous. If they can guard the country in such extreme temperatures, it is plausible for me to be consistent in simple decisions.

I’ll be consistent in writing ! Let me show you.

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