Necessary, but a futile rush !

The solution ? 😕

I must be having a shower right now! Anyway, I’ve been rushing at this exact hour every other day since the last three years putting all the things aside that make me excited. Why….?

I’ve gotta attend the college and right the epic exam. Yeah ! I’ve gotta get my degree first. I’m sacrificing my likes and my morning energy for a degree

Two hours ! Every day ! Give or take ! Well, I start off my day with hilarious, viable enthusiasm. Clearly, it had no significant use to me. I squandered that energy on petty things like getting ready, waiting for breakfast followed by a long period of slacking.

Here’s what it is…… ineffective use of two hours a day is worse than procrastination. There is a fruitful chance for me, editing my photos or looking up fascinating artists on the way. Alas ! That couldn’t be done.

I gotta give up who I am now, to watch myself growing up better !

I’m kidding ! I’m not that focused. I just lament my inability to make my morning session amusing and replenished with harmony !😀

There’s only one way to set things right! Wake up much early, do things that I want and start over the futile rush again. A satisfactory compensation at least 👍.

I’ll conduct an experiment and let you all know the outcome. You’ll have to be patient 🙍.

I’m waiting for :

  • The time where colleges start classes at 12:00 p.m.
  • Those clothes that need light to wash themselves.
  • A 3d food printer which makes food as I be productive in the bathroom.

Home automation ! Now I recognise that as a life and a time saving option. I’ll look up the companies that are in for it. It’s high time to invest in them.

I hope you like this random thought of mine. Okay then ! So long people ✌