You can make money like this !

The orthodox principles of making money appear to be futile in times like this when you have social media. There is a lot of conducive content on the web that is often overlooked. Icame across a certain executions that were never far from being a gold mine.

Let’s talk business.

  • A bored guy started to sell bouquets online with of course not flowers but bullets and called it
  • South koreans…they are far from the western culture and one amongst them, dines in front of webcams and he makes $1500 per night EATING !!!
  • China! It has people all over the place and is running short of fresh air. The solution was seemingly simple. “Sell them air”. A british couple is calling it air farming and making money.(they glean fresh air from the countryside and sell to the chinese.)
  • And this is the most remarkable and noticeable piece of web content i ran into. Lucas levitan , an instagram celebrity who is hailed almost always for his 3d stickers. His followers were so enamored by it that he released those STICKERS into the itunes(photo invasion). His STICKERS earn him dollars !!

i recently started following Gary vaynerchuck . He owns wine library and Vaynermedia to mention it all ! And he makes time for vlogs, one of his marvellous advice was that

“if you are really interested in something , like you have passion for it and if you’re about to sell a utility for people which can really work or help them and if you can add a little bit of entertainment , you’ve got gold !!!”

You are capable of doing things and as always if you try, you can be better ! We have the INTERNET !

Thank you for reading guys !! Have a good time !