2017 Social Media outlook

2016 has been fast pace year for social media outlets . Lot of Innovation and consolidation has happened. If you see the pattern of acquisition or development in major outlets like Facebook, Twitter, snapchat it’s clear that everyone is trying to position themselves to capitalize on the users they already have . Will 2017 be year of consolidation ?

Facebook :

With 1.79 billion monthly active users which is 16% up from year-on-year and 84% of these are also coming from mobile. Facebook already said they are reaching max ad load ( means they are inserting the ads to max capacity for person ). I think search and videos on Facebook will gain more prominence. Targeted search in Facebook might also gain traction making it effective tool for brands.

Video ads are more revenue generating than other type of ads.Facebook push on video is giving good results.With Instagram, Facebook is positioning video through “stories”, providing the on par audience like in snap chat . With 500 million users, brands do have much deeper platform to convey and engage. Engagement is made easier to business using “Business tool”. Business tool capability of Insight and promote are poised to take advertisement to the next generation consumers .

Facebook might just get the Augmented realty to mainstream with acquisition of the MSQRD and excel which already has got lot of traction and attention from Pokemon and Snap glass


With Snapchat gaining more and more traction of younger audience and social media influencers, it is poised to go mainstream and bring in general audience. With current valuation sitting at 25 billion dollar, we might just see this go IPO ( good stock to buy ).

While features like “On demand Geo filters” and “Snap partners” has gained and provided innovative for brands to engage with users in 2016, the one I am more excited about is Snap spectacles. Snap spectacles does has potential to be big, where visual first approach might play into whole Snap demographic. With 115 degree view angle that was introduced, we need to see how it will evolve

Snap other interesting things in 2017 might come from couple of acquisitions in form of Vurb (local discovery) and bitstrips . I think finding what matters locally might offer big potential to Snap users and remain to be seen how Vurb will be put to use.

Pinterest :

Pinterest remained majorly as women preferred site. For many publishers Pinterest has been window to bring users into the main site .Ads and promotion launched this year shows + ve result with 20% increase in clicks.

Pinterest acquisition of Instapaper this year, enhances the belief that it is looking for additional revenues to be unlocked by providing the smart promoted recommendations for people .

With AR coming to focus, in store marketing with pins might be in forefront and can unlock big bucks. .


Twitter has seen that it’s base has been eaten away by both Instagram and Snapchat.Twitter has gone on a full-out campaign to increase its number of users. This includes signing deals with the National Football League (NFL) for live games.

Instagram overtook twitter in terms of marketing channel this month. All is not lost by twitter, with rumor that salesforce wanted to buy Twitter makes me think, twitter has platform for outreach . Customer service has been big. I am sure twitter want to develop some smart connections to make customer service platform for brands .

It remains to be seen how effective twitter will make use of live video feeds and also position itself as second screen ( as seen in Apple TV )

Microsoft :

With LinkedIn purchase it remains to be seen how Microsoft capitalize on the assets. Microsoft has unique opportunity of being worlds professional address book and much more.

Google :

Well nothing to write for them in social media space yet in 2017 . Youtube has been sidelined by new kids on the block. As it is Google didn’t got the social in first place. I hope with VR they control end to end echo system and bring that to forefront. As of now Google is sitting on sidelines while others are playing the social game .

One consistent theme as been recommendation and target users on preferences across all site . Over All AI will go deeper in all these platform helping platform to get deeper engagement .

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