Bingo! Its Bizom?

Bingo! I got through my internship interview. Yeah!

As a first year MBA student at TAPMI, this should be the first reaction after getting through a tough interview process. But ironically for me, it was not.

Let me tell you that summer internship is a six credit course at TAPMI which is equivalent to 48 hours of classroom learning. This is enough to put students on toe to render their best not only through the process but also during the two months of internship period. A PPO from the firm, entitles you for 10 CGPA which is enough to ensure you cheer enough “Stella Artois” in rest of the subjects!!

No PPO opportunity, A technology startup with a B2B product with limited scope of marketing,…Jesus! What am I gonna do there for two months as a marketing intern? Losing to cheer “Stella” already started to throb my mind!

But the day zero came and I was thrilled to get all my preconceptions dusted by the learning and scope of opportunities at Bizom. The best part of being at Bizom is that you feel at being with “Stella” every time. Yeah! just to put some efficacy, every Friday at Bizom is a fun Friday with unlimited “Stella” and some mouth watering appetizers. Thank god at least am not gonna miss my “Stella”!!

Bizom is a very complex sales force automation software with more than a dozen different module and more than 200 clients. So although it seemed to be a size 13 for me to learn all the modules within a week but credits to the team at Bizom, I did that. I had the liberty of walking up to anyone including the CEO. At times, Lalith, the CEO used to share his experiences which was a confidence booster. Since, I was a fresher back then, it also taught me how to survive conflicts at workplace. With every freebie, there’s a catch. Similarly, at Bizom, there were conflicting situations too but I feel they are not worth mentioning because the open culture took care of it. Its a perfect workplace wherein everyone is on the same line and even the CEO works sitting adjacent to you. The senior employees are always willing to impart the required know-how to newbies.

Now that you know Bizom may not be a crystal studded workplace with lapis lazuli chair arms but it is a place with some really good people and culture for sure.

As a part of my first assignment, I was responsible to develop content for explanatory videos of each modules of Bizom. In addition to that I also developed case studies on how brands like Parle Agro leveraged Bizom to increase their productivity. This helped me in understanding the whole master data management of FMCG industry and how the whole sales hierarchy works for CG and FMCG industry.

I was always inclined towards some hardcore sale and marketing stuff. So, Once I got through all the intricacies of software, I got to generate leads in overseas market like Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh. I not only generated leads but I was given full liberty to negotiate Bizom with those potential clients. It was a great learning experience as I always wanted to make my career in sales and marketing.

In the last week I accompanied the country head (sales) for pitching to the corporate clients. It was like a mock simulation as I get to know how to negotiate in real world and create a desire for “Stella” even if one doesn’t want!

To summarize Bizom is a place wherein you will not only have excellent learning opportunities but also you will work with some good people.

And yeah, not to forget. You get free home cooked Breakfast, Lunch , Snacks and coffee, tasty enough to feel like family.

Cheers for the “Stella”!!!!!!