Four types of clocks that are being customized

Kabir Creation
Mar 27, 2018 · 2 min read

The rate at which technology keeps evolving is incredible. Every few weeks we read about a new device or machine that in the near future will make obsolete some items that we currently use and are comfortable with. For example, the mobile phone is one item that every individual uses and relies on. It has single-handedly replaced many devices like the camera, telephone, TV, computer, calendar and especially the clock.

Since the past few years, clocks and watches have become outdated devices. Deemed worthless and viewed as an unnecessary expense, there was a downfall in the use of clocks in professional and personal space, as everyone could use their phones, computers other electronics to know the time.

Luckily, like many old or antiquated items like video game consoles, Polaroid cameras, vinyl records and the Nokia 3310 phone, clocks received a second chance to prove themselves and they did!

Many types of clocks and watches are being customized and brought back to life. Whether for gifting purposes or as a hobby or to market their own self — there is a steady rise in people buying decorative wall clocks online both in small sizes and in bulk, by customizing them in an innovative fashion. Here are four types of clocks that are ranking in this trend.

1) Grandfather clocks

One of the oldest clocks to be brought back and customized is the long case or ‘grandfather’ clocks. These are usually 6 to 8 feet tall. A lot of these are being auctioned online on a daily basis. There is much interest in restoring, customizing and then gifting or reselling these tall, fascinating machines. While for some, these restorations serve as a hobby.

2) Alarm clocks

One clock that is available in a wide variety of customizations is the alarm clock. Available as digital as well as analogue types, if you want to buy designer table clocks that can be personalized to your heart’s content, go for alarm clocks. Corporate companies are buying customized alarm clocks in bulk and gifting these to employees. Digital artists are adding dazzling lights and creative 3d effects and rebranding them for sale.

3) Wall clocks

Just like alarm clocks, decorative wall clocks online are another type of clock to be customized. People are ordering their own clocks with customized name, text and even pictures built with the material of their choice. These clocks are being ordered in bulk and sold off at markets, helping the buyers earn some quick buck. Or they’re being mixed with calendars, coasters and other table decorations and given to friends and family as gift items.

4) Desk clocks

While other clocks are being bought to either promote a brand or a person, desk clocks which are returning for a very different reason — convenience. Today companies buy designer table clocks in large quantities for their offices. They order customize desk clocks with stands that can tell the time as well as hold a variety of items like pens, pencils, scissors, business cards, mobiles, paper clips, etc. — thereby providing a clutter-free and efficient environment to their office employees.