Four types of industries that order custom t-shirts

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Apr 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Competition has forced businesses to find new ways to promote their products and services. From posting funny, viral ads on YouTube to using memes, to offering bonus points and discounts, big and small companies alike — search for new ideas that grab the attention of consumers.

But while there will always be some new move or approach to attract customers, there is one evergreen technique that has long since helped big as well as small corporate gain a new audience — using uniforms for employees.

There is something about a clean, professional t-shirt that attracts customers just like bees get attracted to honey. Be it a mechanic fixing a car or a waiter taking orders at restaurants or a plumber fixing your house, consumers like every such business that keeps uniformed staff. Many corporate enterprises have long been aware of this secret; which is why they order uniforms from custom t-shirt manufacturers to make their business look sophisticated and respectable.

These uniforms are ordered to have the corporate logos in the same colour and pattern to make their staff instantly recognisable. Here are four types of industries where small as well as large businesses order corporate t shirts for their employees.

1. Food Industry
Fast food restaurants, grocery chains and other businesses in the food industry were one of the earliest that embraced uniforms.
While it might be common knowledge that these businesses have unique t-shirts for their employees, it may surprise you to know that wearing uniforms isn’t just limited to the front desk staff.

Every corporate chain has a separate uniform for their food scientists, analysts, laboratory testers and other research personnel. They provide each of these staff with lab coats, aprons and other garments that not only protect but also help look professional in front of visiting board members and donors.

2. Hospitality industry
Since the past two decades, there has been an exponential growth in this sector. From gymnasiums to health spas, hotels to inns, every corporate chain involved in this multibillion-dollar industry places large orders of corporate t-shirts every year.

From the house-keeping staff to gym trainers to even the gardeners, these businesses provide extensive training to their employees and dress them in colourful uniforms to make themselves look sophisticated and cultured in the eyes of their customers. Even souvenir shops at various tourist destinations have started using uniform shirts that have the picture of the local attractions.

3. Automotive industry
Small automotive businesses like local garages, second-hand car dealers, car washers and custom car shops are taking their cue from major automotive manufacturers. Nowadays, it is common to see every such business ordering from custom t-shirt manufacturers to charm car owners.

4. Security industry
Whether it’s protecting celebrities at film events or guarding women at pubs or strip clubs, any public place that hosts large crowds needs security personnel that remain calm and focused and know how to handle people. That is why every corporate business engaged in the security services uses special uniforms for their various bodyguards, bouncers, enforcers, guards and other personnel.

Every government and private agency that provides security to VIPs and businesses now follows the trend of dressing their staff in black t-shirts or suits. This way event organisers can easily recognise them and provided passage.

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