Six productive items to add to customized desk stands

Convenience is one of the new features that employees prefer to have while applying for a new job. Every employee now looks for an office that provides a spacious cubicle where he or she can work in an optimized manner.

Corporate organizations have begun to realize this which is why today you will find every office modernizing its premises by providing an optimized space to its workforce. Businesses have started investing in ‘smart products’ — customized desktop items that can be used for multiple purposes, thereby providing a neat and clutter-free environment for every member.

Inspired by electronics like 2 in 1 laptops and cloud printers — items that aid in team efforts like meetings and presentations, manufacturers of trophy online in India have joined hands with businesses to create personalized solutions like keychain pen drives, desk stands and other items that can be used to help create a productive environment and assist employees at an individual level.

If you are an organization looking for something that can improve your office environment while simultaneously promoting your brand, I suggest ordering customized desk stands. These are great space savers which can further be optimized for certain items.

Here are five items that can be added to personalized desk stands.

1. Mobile stands

Having a custom stand to keep your phone in a standing position is a great idea. With a separate space for mobiles, one no longer needs to reach for the bag, purse or pocket to take a call or read a message.

Some manufacturers have even started working on desk stands that provide a charging point besides space, for mobiles.

2. Pen holders

Small items like pens, pencils and scissors often get misplaced or buried in books or under files. Pen holders are a valuable item for any desk and should be added to desk stands.

Nowadays, pen holders come with the option of separate holes for pen, markers, pencil, staples and other stationery.

3. Clocks

Today many offices have strict policies against cell phones. And not every employee is fond of wearing a watch. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers have started adding clocks to their portfolio of customized desktop items. This is a great solution that appeases both — the company as well as individuals who find it adhere to the work schedule.

4. Key holder

A separate space for keys is a great way to let employees feel valued. Every time they place or pick up their car or house keys, they will appreciate the ease of access and be reminded of the little way their employers make their work life convenient.

5. Trophy

Trophies are a great way to award an employee for his achievements. Manufacturers of trophy online in India themselves build small sized trophies that can be added to desk stands. This way every time employees look to their desk stands, they’ll be reminded of their achievements and motivated to work harder.

6. Flags

Flags are the best way to promote the company brand while making employees feels proud of being part of your prestigious organization. Small sized flags that carry the company logo or emblem can be designed to add to desk stands.