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Probably you know me from my previous posts that I am a software developer working around cloud Native technologies like Kubernetes using Go as a programming language.

While, sharing what I have learned at my work or otherwise, using blog posts was a great idea, I created YouTube channel to share what I have been learning at work or by creating some other Side Projects.

I would usually be talking about Containers, Kubernetes, Go or Software Engineering in general in this channel. Here is the link to YouTube channel if you want to check that out

Please check it out and let me know if you have any feedback suggestion.

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In this blog post we are going to look into how we can secure a Kubernetes application at the ingress level. I am saying ingress level because there are other ways to secure your application which we can talk in other blog post maybe.

But before diving into that let’s take a step back and look into how we actually expose our Kubernetes application to the outer world.

I have discussed this briefly in one of my other blog post as well.

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I have been writing an application in Python recently that communicates to an Elasticsearch cluster to read/write the data (document) from/to it. Let’s take an example of below code that communicates to the our Elasticsearch cluster.

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
def add_document(i_index, i_doc_type, i_id, i_body):
es = es_connect()
res=es.index(index=i_index, doc_type=i_doc_type, id=i_id, body=i_body)
return count_success
except Exception as ex:
raise Exception(ex)
def es_connect():
es = Elasticsearch(hosts=[{"host": es_host, "port": es_port}])
return es
except Exception as ex:
raise Exception("Failed connecting to Elasticsearch")

You might have figured out that add_document can be called to add a document to a specified Elasticsearch

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In the last blog post of this series we discussed about how to use several kubernetes resources to get multiple tiers of your application deployed on kubernetes cluster. In this post we are going to discuss about some other kubernetes resources so that we can improve the way we deployed the application in the last posts.

If you noticed while getting our application into kubernetes we have provided password and some other environment variables, that are required to the application, hardcoded in the manifest itself. You can find the examples here, here and here.

You can easily tell that providing…

In last post we discussed about how you can create an app (a REST API) and then get that APP deployed on kubernetes using kubernetes resources. We talked about Kubernetes Architecture, Pods, Deployments, Services and Ingresses.

Image by foxutech.com


In this post we will be continuing the same application and will introduce two more tier (components) to that app, front end and database. The database that we are going to use is mysql. So an overview would be, three components, frontend, backend and the database as the projects restapi-ui, restapi and run-mysql respectively. We have already talked about restapi that we built in…

I appeared for CKA on Sat 28th of Sept, it was an amazing experience and in this post I will try to share some things that you should be getting your hands on, before appearing for the exam.

The exam consists of 24 questions, you are supposed to complete these questions in 3 hours and you have to score 74% in order to pass the exam. You are allowed to open only two browser tabs, one will the exam interface and in the other tab you can open any of the allowed web pages, one of them is k8s official…

So, I started working with containers and Kubernetes some months back, was an absolute beginner to the field before that and thanks to my awesome colleagues at Infracloud I got know Kubernetes and containers better.

I would like share how I started working with Docker and Kubernetes in this guide.

Courtesy: blog.opendigerati.com

When we tell someone who is new to Kubernetes that, Kubernetes is a container orchestrator, the very first question that comes into their mind is what does orchestration actually mean? …

When we talk about microservices architecture, we don’t just say that we should have our complete functionality divided into smaller services and then these services can communicate to each other through some mechanism, what we actually mean is having a centralized configuration , service registry to mange the services and other concepts to implement 12 factor methodology.

In this post we will be discussing about Centralized Configuration, creating a Centralized configuration server and some services that will use this config server to get the properties.


So, what was the need to create a common config server, all the services can…

While going through the collections framework in java recently, a question came into my mind; what if I don’t want to store the duplicate values in the collection but I want the collection API to treat two objects duplicate if one of their properties are same.

So lets say I have below model class

Person model class

and I am willing to store the objects of this class into a HashSet, but the condition is if two persons are having same name the HashSet API should treat them as one and only one should be stored in the collection(HashSet doesn’t store the duplicate…

I work for an Indian telecom company but recently was working on a personal project also. It was a web application and I deployed the project that I was working on, on AWS Elastic BeanStalk and shared the URL with some of my friends just to get insights of it.

Deploying a web application on Elastic BeanStalk is pretty simple, you just have to go to the ELB dashboard and create an environment to deploy your web application. You can choose the environment to be a web server or a worker environment, since I was supposed to deploy a web…

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