Hey Everyone,

Probably you know me from my previous posts that I am a software developer working around cloud Native technologies like Kubernetes using Go as a programming language.

While, sharing what I have learned at my work or otherwise, using blog posts was a great idea, I created YouTube channel to share what I have been learning at work or by creating some other Side Projects.

I would usually be talking about Containers, Kubernetes, Go or Software Engineering in general in this channel. Here is the link to YouTube channel if you want to check that out

Please check it out and let me know if you have any feedback suggestion.

image courtesy percona.com

I have been writing an application in Python recently that communicates to an Elasticsearch cluster to read/write the data (document) from/to it. Let’s take an example of below code that communicates to the our Elasticsearch cluster.

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
def add_document(i_index, i_doc_type, i_id, i_body):
es =…

Vivek Singh

web developer, tech entrepreneur

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