All I need is love!

“She loses a piece of herself for love, that our mom. The source of the first love.”

Love, a strong feeling of affection. Which can attack you within no matter of time, at any moment it could reach us. Maybe many of them won’t even realize in a couple of days that they have fallen in love. But I felt that It is awesome, fantastic and superb. No one in this world would be living without having that incredible feel😍 I agreed even me had! If you still there without it then, you are the boat in the river bank without flow. love is soo eternal and pure. When you feel it, enjoy it.

On the other side of the paper, there is something which you have to be very sure when you go into a love. Who is your first love? It’s our parents, we need to value theme first to realize the actual love. They are the one who built us with love that means a lot of care and magic. We need to realize the actual love never comes to you when you are living within your parents love. That are just infatuations, where it will be vanishing away by its own when the days pass on. The actual one comes on the right person at the right time. When your parents are within your love, It will be lots of trusts, affections, care and pure love. That love will come on to you on a fine morning without any intimation. Even though we are nowhere connected with the he/she and many times meeting for the first time but we may feel like we were in tough with them for a long time. That superb feel will tell us, keep on talking to her. The ultimate symptoms are the sleepless night without any reason, tension within a relaxed mind, You smile when you’re alone.

The awesome feel keeps on tell us, Please don’t miss her at any cost, she/he comes for you. We would never believe we will be in love with someone. If it is a true love, the world will stand with you for that, even the parents, friends or anyone. It makes eternal love when the one goes to any extream for the success of their partners. When there is an understanding between each other there will never be arguments, the loved on other will make them give away anything for love.

“I didn’t plan it, but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

With Love,
Vivek Ullasan❤️

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