Bahubali: Self Review

It was a surprise for me when I was a kid and listing to the story told by grandma… I still remember it the 1001 night, which was a story happen in the mid of 1900, the story of a king who postponed the assassination of his wife for a story. the interest in the story made him wait for 1001 night without killing. Now I realize that a person will stay in the interest of a person will make them to WAIT. This is what I feel from the movie “bahubali 2”

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The ultimate question was “Why katappa killed bahubali?” some felt it funny but however everyone wanted to see that. The director Rajamouli the man behind the magic. The short review of the movie is, it an absolute blinder. Unpredictable elements are there, Surprise, and a happy ending. I loved the entire part of the movie. Personally for me there where many goosebumps scenes throughout the movie. The ending was wonderful as the war sequence is a bit predictable.

Like a wise man, I would say there is a certain unimpactful sequence. Where at some portion of the film we would feel a lag, but that was a need one and on the same way I have to say it the movie is so fast. Never make us boring. The stylish Prabas, the glamours Anuska make the movie soo beautiful and the never forgettable gentleman anti-hero.Overall a worth for watch movie.

Thank you. 
Vivek Ullasan😃

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