I’m a Hero & I’m a Villain

The title is so relevant in this society as we don’t want to investigate on anything before letting a command on something. Some would love what we told so for them we are hero and from the dislikes, we are Villain’s. Many times I felt this suits me. As I am a great fan of Ravana then Raman. That may make an anti-social in the current society. What make a person villain?? only our view towards him or her makes us feel that they are villain. But I wish to think in a different way which may be my own style, which makes me feel that I’m unique.

The condition a man born and brought up makes his personality. As Ravana born and brought up in a forest make’s him to become a villan. The great heart of that giant was the unknown for many. He born with nothing which was even with a brother and totally empty hands, But he becomes in a position where he owns all the beautiful thing in the world and this is the reason for taking away the great Seetha. Even to take away Seetha from Raman, he didn’t need anyone help. he himself done it. Even when raman needs his friends help to rescue his wife. I’m not investigating at the truth of a religion but the fact is I’m trying to convey my thoughts, Which is truly from my heart.

The Villain and the Hero are completely based on the angle that we are watching them. It is same like watching a sport. When you are watching a game of your favorite team, your villain will be the opponent. The villain and Hero are purely depended on your thought. Think twice before you take a decision.

Thank you. 
Vivek Ullasan😎

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