“When everything is lonely I can be my best friend.”

The solitude makes the single word with a bunch of meaning, When I sit here and think about myself I feel to tell this. Yes, I’m alone. The word solitude is the state or situation of being alone and the word alone states having no one else present. Yes, I don’t have anyone with me now. I have seen many on the streets who don’t have own house, don’t have any issues which are affecting them in anyways. They live for the present time and they enjoy what they are at the moment. But when I sit back here and think what I’m and what I have, I’m simply zero. I’m Solitude.

Starting everything from the beginning is always the way I entertain myself and this day I realize the life is not just a video game where I can restart the plan which I failed somewhere. All these thoughts make me think the amount of time I wasted in my life. So the word “Solitude” became meaningful in my life when I being alone even though I have the lot number of peoples around me. I do always know what I writing over here are really meaningless and blenders, but this won’t reply me and listen to everything that I write.

I tried to be a self-loving person, travel lover, photographer or a movie lover but, I realized that traveler without passion or a photographer without color sense are bad in the way they do the things. Some unknown said “Life is a race run… run…” still don’t know where is the finishing point or the end of the race, maybe that’s the value of my life. But still, I’m running.

I’m living thinking only one matter, don’t think about your life a lot if you does it would be soo complicated. Satisfy with what you have, but wait there is nothing in my life to be satisfied.

Thank you
Vivek U

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