Unattempted advice.

One who never done a mistake in life never tried anything new! 😊

Advice are the best way to change the way you act on something. On the same course the most irritating mate. One can easily advice, why can’t you do like this… if you have done like that….. It is easy to advice someone without any particular qualifications, the advice would go wrong if the adviced fellow asked a question “ Was you success in your life?”. You could ask me why??, simply non have a perfect life in the world(on my view) . Even if you ask me are you a perfect person I would say…. No!! The advice are not completely bad or being soo inappropriate, even I do agree that advice are the best medicine in the world when it is from a perfect. I still use to get lots of advise from my friends and family.

I have heard a lot of time that, see Steve jobs he was a college dropout!!! Bill Gates was not a graduate… Edison was send home from school, as he was not up to the level. Do you thing our family will support us if we quit engineering or are able to select any other course than engineering…lol! We are free of thinking and taking decisions in life but there are external pressure Which can be effect our decision UpTo 90%. We all have that special gift from God called, “aunties” they are the free radio broadcasting Network for our life. They provide free advice, publicity and tips for our life. How’s your school going? ,Next how’s your college life going?, Next didn’t got a job? Next marriage?? Kids??? So on.. the matter of successful life is because of their guidance.

On the other hands, we have certain people’s who advice us in a different way, where they suggest the things only they have success in their own style. They would be stickied on the way that they behave or act on a situation. The life which always need a good master even though it is going in the wrong direction that have planned from still to hold it on we need a master. This master can be the advice from great people. We have the parents who is the great successful persons Infront of us. Where I personally believe they have already successful in their life, we are at this particular situation only because of them. RESPECT!

Anyhow this articles are soo inappropriate and irritating, I do write it simply wasting my time, wish stating my own views.

Thank you,

Vivek U