Tailwind Weekly #12: Aaaaand… we’re back 🌟!



Tailwind UI Changelog — April 7th


New additions

  • Added new Alerts category to the Application UI package, with 6 examples
  • Added new Contact Sections category to the Marketing package, with 6 examples

Tweaks and fixes

Overheard on twitter

I feel you Dan, I dusted off an old Tailwind v0.7 project recently and almost everything was the same, gotta love the consistency ❤️.

Tutorial of the week

Adding TailwindCSS to RedwoodJS


Showcase of the week

PilotMail — Email Test Tool and Email Builder


Resource of the week

Heroicons Directory — Open source icons by the Tailwind CSS team




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Vivian Guillen

Vivian Guillen

Frontend Developer. CSS Geek. TailwindCSS Lover.