Are You Feelin’ STUN?

Once upon a time not long ago there was this beautiful city called Barranquilla… How is she though? They asked… Where did she come from? What influenced her to be the way she is today?

We all want to know Barranquilla’s secret now don’t we…

This is an interesting story because it goes back to my roots. It all started with my grandmother who was born in Santa Marta, which is one of Colombia’s wonderful cities. As a young girl, she made one of the biggest moves in her life and moved to the Caribbean, Aruba.

It is there that she met my grandfather, who was born and raised in Aruba. They had 12 children together, whom all grew up to have several children of their own. Even their children had several children, in other words a really really big family.

Family, this I’d say one of the biggest influences that plays an essential role in everyone’s life and in the development of a country. Family brings people together, effects the way people think and behave. Barranquilla is no different, it is also a city that was influenced from families that moved there from all over the country and sometimes even abroad.

The next influence that plays an important role is food. When my family came together there was a lot of food around. I believe food brings people together, it creates unforgettable experiences and moments. Besides this I believe it brings curious people, especially ones into gastronomy tourism to a country. Who doesn’t like to eat a great meal?

“Cual es la vaina, deja tu estres, and eat some good food — Vivi”

Family and food are in a way influences and at the same time traditions that are passed on to generations. Barranquilla is surely influenced by these two major stimuli, they have shaped the country to what it has become today. It is open and welcoming, bringing people to it and giving them the opportunity to experience traditions they might never have experienced before in their life…

In my next blog, I will be revealing more of Barranquilla’s secret(s)

Ya tu sabes, stay tuned mi gente..

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