Barbara Tyler and Alexandra Ahlfield, Incorporate Fine Art Into Everyday Life

Today’s developments in technology have revolutionized the way people approach business space and conduct entrepreneurial ventures. The move from traditional mediums to online channels, in particular, has provided a bridge between enterprises and their intended audience. Sisumoi joined this transition to meet the demands of its customers and provide them with quality and unique pieces featuring and utilizing the works of art of Barbara Tyler Ahlfield, an award-winning artist who happens to have macular degeneration and serves as an inspiration for people facing adversities.

This online retailer of inspirational accessories designed to empower, uplift, and bring beauty to lifestyle products was established by the mother and daughter duo Barbara Tyler Ahlfield and Alexandra Ahlfield. Blending their expertise and experiences, these creative minds behind Sisumoi capitalized on the power of the evolving commerce structure and banked on the accessibility provided by e-commerce to cater to people who wanted to experience their art.

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield is an American fashion illustrator and fine artist whose thriving 40-year career is marked by numerous accomplishments. She has worked for some of the top U.S. department stores, including Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, and Hutzler’s, to name a few. Not only have her illustrations graced the New York Times for decades, but her current works involving glamour in fine art portraiture have been showcased and awarded globally.

Every masterpiece born out of the imagination and celebrated talent of Barbara Tyler Ahlfield is guaranteed to entice the eye. Moreover, her paintings regularly channel details that are often a reflection of her subjects. She often paints backgrounds that are secretly filed away in the minds of those she paints but make themselves known to this intuitive artist through meditations or daydreaming.

Meanwhile, the other half of Sisumoi, Alexandra Ahlfield, is carving her own path to success in the retail industry. Having finished her MBA, this marketing executive is proving to be an authority in channel partnerships, business development, software, and real estate. Armed with the dream to bring her mother’s work from fine art galleries to the hands of creative minds looking for inspiration, Alexandra is adamant about seeing Sisumoi rise to the top.

As a lifestyle fashion brand, Sisumoi highlights the incorporation of fine art into everyday aspects of life. Moreover, by bringing Barbara’s signature paintings over to a new larger audience of art lovers and fashion trendsetters through garments, tech accessories, home goods, bags, lifestyle products, and more, Sisumoi celebrates the work of this esteemed artist.

Since its establishment, Sisumoi has garnered acclaim for its emphasis on excellence and quality. This company takes every step of the design process seriously, from the image selection, placement, and color palette, to maintaining the integrity and printing quality of its offerings.

Moreover, it is recognized for the values it stands for and the mission it is striving to fulfill. Driven to create a community of Sisumoi leaders dedicated to their dreams and who inspire others to activate their gifts through their sisu — an ancient Finnish term for a universal capacity to channel a magical source of strength in the face of extreme adversity — stories, this outstanding venture aims to stand as a constant reminder for people not to lose sight of their paths and to continue living their gifts amidst the countless mental, physical, and spiritual setbacks of life.

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Viviana Puello

Viviana Puello is am art business expert, best-selling author, TV host, founder of ArtTour International Magazine.