Daniela Ament, The Impact of Family

Daniela Ament

Family permeates the spectrum of our lives, from the psychological and the physical to the financial and legal. Yet, it is a paradoxical and fluid concept that can too easily slip away if not preserved. A mother of 4, and now a grandmother, Israeli artist Daniela Ament has dedicated both her life and illustrious artistic career to family.

In the early stages of her career, Daniela’s work focused on figurative sculptures, which developed into abstraction in a unique style that characterizes her. She draws her inspiration from life experiences and by observation of her surroundings and human interactions.

Her preferred medium for her meditations on the myriad meanings and connections of the family was first clay and then bronze. As she explains, “The material is an extension of myself, a substantial part of me. Working hands-on with the material, without the mediation of tools, sweeps me into inner conversations. This is my way of experiencing the events in my life.” By using such a durable, traditional material in novel ways, Daniela’s sculptures of women and children manifest the abstractions of the family into concrete forms that resist narrow interpretations and easy answers.

Indeed, Ament opens up the subjects of her sculptures towards the universal, just as she has done with her own thoughts about family.

“In Isolation”

Ament’s bronze is family personified, reaching beyond its gleaming surfaces to tell stories as old as human history. Created during the pandemic quarantine, “In Isolation” confronts us with a bowed head, buried in the crook of an arm, the tension of pain is palpable, forging a connection with the viewer and the feelings many of us have suffered through in these unprecedented times.

Such is the genius of the work of Daniela Ament that she can manifest her personal experiences into the universal through dialogue with her chosen material. In so doing, she paradoxically freezes the dialogue that makes family, even as she opens it up to eternal conversation.

Learn more about Daniela at https://www.ament-daniela.com/



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