The Very Best Yes

Connect with your own unique Truth

Vivian Carrasco
2 min readMay 1, 2014

My very dear friend shared an article with me from a thought leader that encouraged mother’s not to quit work. The author cautioned that the fall out of choosing to leave the world of work posed the risk of losing your very sense of self. My friend asked if I might have a different message.

I do.

A true choice isn’t found in an “either or” decision.

We have a multitude of solutions available to us. Rather than a single option of do or do not, consider creating the right answer for you.

Our fundamental life force is not found in our livelihood. Our life force is found in the breathe of our unique Soul and our personal expression of that into the world. Work is only one of a myriad of words that express it.

There’s an opportunity for a daily moment to moment exploration of what is most true for you in the smallest decisions of your life. If you’ve fully tapped into your truth and capacity of what is fully right for you you’ll notice the depth and complexity of the question and the answers. The greatest expression of your self unfolds over a lifetime.

The reality of the next big thing in your life can be found in the current small things in your life right now. The reality of your yes can be found without telling yourself no.



Vivian Carrasco

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