On the first day of Self Learning Clinic, we had a hangout call where we introduced ourselves to each other. I met this beautiful souls that were eager to learn just as I was. Our facilitator introduced herself to us and set us in a relaxed mood.

We have since then been communicating with each other on slack and on hangout calls. I would like to bring out attributes of some of the colleagues I have worked with.

Kevin is this team mate who has a sense of humour. He looks composed even in the toughest of times. I remember when he was given a deadline to finish challenge one before three p.m and he smiled . He is the type that can handle pressure from what I have observed in him.

Eric is the most inquisitive member in the team. He asks questions immediately he has a blocker and even asks how far we are with our work. He also has a sense of humour just like kelvin and stays calm even when things are not okay.

Vinny is the type of guy who challenges you to read more and seeks clarity when something is not clear. He also shows concern by asking how far someone is and keeps the group spirit.

Lastly is our facilitator Millicent. She is cool and fun to work with. She smiles all through a hangout call and this really helps someone feel relaxed. She always reminds us to ask questions when we have not understood anything. She also answers our questions promptly and gives us detailed feedback. She is patient enough to always clarify on something we have not understood. She also pushes us to work harder and more to achieve results. I would go on and on about her .

All in all I am grateful to Andela for giving an opportunity to meet these beautiful souls and they will always have a special place in my heart because they have had a positive impact in my life.

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