My experience in Andela bootcamp so far.

I thought I knew a lot about technology but after joining Andela bootcamp, I realised there are a lot of things in technology that I never knew about. I was surprised that there are things which seemed basic yet I didn’t know about them. I have learnt that am work in progress and every day at Andela bootcamp, I come across a new thing.

Knowledge is power and I am grateful to Andela for giving me this chance because I have really gained a lot of knowledge in web programming.

The bootcamp is challenging as I have to bit deadlines and learn new things at the same time. At times I feel frustrated when I just don’t know where to start from but there is a support system that helps answer my problems and from there I can move ahead with the project I am working on. I also get to look for answers from online communities like stack overflow.

I must admit it has been fun gaining knowledge in programming and the satisfaction that every day, I become a better person.