Bringing easy and fast checkout with Payment Request API
Paul Kinlan

  1. is used widely on mobile apps and it supports both camera scan and manual entry. Would be nice if the demo uses that. I believe has added web support. It is much better user interface than the popup CCV, as also handles tons of client side validations.
  2. One of the nice things about Apple Pay/Android Pay is that your credit card information is not passed to any random sites or apps. It is the verified token that is being passed on. For Chrome on Android, I hope it supports Android Pay out of the box and there is also API to request whether the user has Android Pay, so that the website can default to Android Pay if needed. I don’t quite understand the privacy concern there, but from user experience perspective, it is superior. Web payment should help driving more valid signups of Android Pay.
  3. I assume Android Pay also has additional information such as shipping, phone number and email address. If the website requests those information, they should be passed to Android Pay. The current Apple Pay user experience is horrible on that front, that most mobile apps don’t use it. I hope this is an area that can be improved on Android.
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