Thanks for these thoughts, Vivian!

  1. Yep makes sense! CVV is required regardless manual entry or card scan. I wonder if embedding CVV as part of screen that has collected card info is more thoughtful. For example, after scanning, quickly assuring the user the card information is collected(by displaying)but we need additional CVV.

2. Yeah, application developers can enable Android Pay or Apple Pay as an option, but it would be useful if they can default to it if present. A few native apps already start doing it. I believe it would be the pattern on Safari when it is available. This really boils down to the product philosophy, what is the most important, user experience or something else.

3. On iOS, with Apple Pay. Application can ask additional information in explicit way such as fn, ln, phone number and email. If the user has those information stored in Apple Pay that is great, if not the user experience is like this:

Since most Apple Pay are enabled in transaction in physical stores, so the number of users who have shipping, email or phone are few — which means the majority would have to enter during the checkout, it increases the shopping cart abandon rate. I think Chrome’s autofill will help greatly, it would be even better if the verified autofill information can be added to Android Pay for future usage.

( sorry for the horrible scribble)