Andela Bootcamp — The journey so far 3

Today marks the finale of the home study and as expected we are all working on our tasks for the day. Had a little bit of a case of “a skipping heart” today when reviews were sent but my respect for the means the review came about overwhelmed me. Today, in my opinion, Andela has proven itself to be any IT organization like no other that i have had the privilege of encountering. OK no over-hyping here; just facts, what trilled me was the fact that the facilitators were observing and taking note of our actions and reactions on the community and were using the information gotten to make conclusions on some part of our attitude. That was cool because to me it somewhat relates to what google and facebook do in order to suggest topics you should research on or friends you may know and pages that may appeal to you — respectively.

So far, the training has been so good and it is in my opinion that no one of us that were involved in the bootcamp will remain the same as we came. The thing i liked most about the home study was the use of multiple applications to make it remotely efficient as possible.It has been enlightening all the way for me, I have learnt a lot and I realize that i have so much more to learn.