Its Life as We know it — Unpredictable

I have never really been the type of person to run from challenges but I must confess that there were times that I really felt very unfortunate to have met some type of issues in my life. One of such times was when I found out I was pregnant before I could even get any form of approval from my parents about the man I chose to marry. It was a very horrible week — the week I found out and I felt instantly that my life has just ended. You might think I am exaggerating but before you conclude on me let me let you in on a little part of my life. I am the second and last daughter in my family and my dad is a “military man” — he is very strict, when my elder sister got married, my parents gave me the look of “you will be our shining star” because my elder sister was visibly pregnant at the time and to them it was embarrassing.

Truthfully, I wanted so very much to please my parents that I was ready to do the unthinkable (please don’t think too far — that’s not what I mean) just to make them proud and happy but as my pastor would say “man is not GOD”. So imagine how I felt when I was told even before my parents had calm down about my choice in my husband that I was pregnant, lemme help you out — DEVASTATED. The only person i could talk to at the time was my mother.

After opening up to her over the phone, her only reply was “thank you for telling me” and she ended the call before i could say another word. I was on fire inside of me,so i went to see my uncle ,after i had narrated all to him, I asked him which way i should go from here, he proposed that i should travel home to speak with my mum one-on-one to break the ice but i shouldn’t break the news to my dad, i should let my mum do it. So I did and all i can say is it worked like a charm and i totally have forgotten all that happened because i am now happily married with a little blessing — ok mighty blessing of a lovely daughter to crown it all. I am very happy.