2018 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 9
Scott Myers


Jack, a scriptwriter in his 50’s, who’s married to Angelina, a prima donna in her late 20's.

By the time you read this I’ll be dead. So cliche…I know. I’ve always strived to be original. Oh well.

Just want to tell you what life with you meant to me these last few years. [beat] Nothing. You were a cruel, and mean-spirited woman!

Remember the time you accidentally burnt the script I was working on…yeah, accidentally… or the time I caught you with my best friend Jack.

I can only wonder, did you ever love me??

So…I just want to tell you…you look like a donkey. That’s right a donkey!!

By now, you’re probably livid reading this, which gives me great joy!

So to really bring it home…I know you think you look like Kim Kardashian, but, you don’t. Nope, you’re a donkey… hee, haw, hee, haw. I’M LAUGHING LOUDLY RIGHT NOW!!

Oh, and one more thing…I lied…I’m not dying. So, no will.

Actually, at this very moment, I’m drinking a Pina Colada, lying on the beach in good ol’ Waikiki. Oh, with your best friend, Jill.

Sorry darling, we’ve run off.

Excuse the ruse, but it’s the only way to get your tiny mind, and limited attention span, to actually read something all the way through.

Aloha! (a word that means hello or goodbye) I’ll help you out…in this case it means goodbye.

Goodbye darling!

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