A point of view shot (POV) also known as a subjective camera, is an effective and unique film technique that allows the viewer to experience a scene first hand as it functions as a lens. Noe Gasper’s engaging short-film Enter the Void’ has invited us, the audience into the world of the persona and his personal space through the use of a subjective camera. Whilst watching this one-minute extract of ‘Enter the Void’, it had inspired myself to create a similar video using POV. As suggested in the title, ‘Enter the Void’ circulates around this idea of nothingness and vacantness, whilst my video engenders a sense of crowdedness and swiftness by using urban and metropolitan life as a source of medium. I have fast-forwarded my video because it metaphorically reveals Sydney as a fast-paced city as the speed of the video equates the speed at which this city is growing and developing. In addition, I have deliberately chosen a fast-tempo music to strengthen the central theme of the video by complementing and matching with the visual. My video encapsulates a great combination of old and new architecture, demonstrating Sydney’s multifaceted quality and by utilising POV shot I have really displayed the way in which I perceive the city.

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