My eyes burn with your beauty and my heart skips a beat as it resets itself to the rhythm of you.
In your brilliance all things are remade by feelings
My thoughts of you move inward, like fractles, continuously repopulating as the deeper one goes.
In your brilliance all things find union in oneness.
My soul sings songs, in frequencies too high to discern and too low to comprehend in their totality.
In your brilliance all things are connected to the heart beat of a loving God.
My memories of you stretch backwards, transcending lifetimes too numerous to count and too few to find the fullness of us.
In your brilliance time is remade, a gift to the present.
My awareness knows the absence of you, a void of potential awaiting our reunion in moments too small to contain our joy.
In your brilliance I realize the totality of my feelings,of how i’m crushing on you…
In your brilliance I am all these things and more.

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