Understanding the Causes of the Opioid/Suicide Epidemic and Its Cures (Part II)

Part II: A New Paradigm for American Society: Vital Reforms and Solutions, Grounded in Our Spiritual Roots

Because our breach of founding doctrine has contaminated all our institutions and systems, we must address our pestilence of drugs and despair simultaneously, immediately, and effectively, across all levels of organizations and government.


In addition, to create an overall culture of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we must:

1. Establish a new curriculum of human values in our public schools. Whether an educational system teaches (or fails to impart) a national ethos of worthy mores determines whether a culture will be a wholesome or a dissolute one, and this ordains all that follows in politics, economics, and in the entirety of society, and for each and every individual. Education IS culture.

We lost our way, but we can find our path again, to our best and authentic selves.

Although our Constitution stated explicitly that it was ordained and established “to form a more perfect Union… and secure the Blessings of Liberty,” it was understood that it was also vested to keep us Good, for as President John Quincy Adams on behalf of the freedom of Cinque and his fellow Africans in the case of the Schooner Amistad stated:

Vivian is the author of Saving Jenny: How to Rescue Our Youth from America’s Opioid and Suicide Epidemic.

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