Understanding the Causes of the Opioid/Suicide Epidemic and Its Cures (Part III-1)

A New Therapeutic Paradigm: Restoring the Individual Soul, With Love, Virtue, and Regaining Our Freedom

Confronting the Issue of Power, Brainwashing, and the Fragmentation of the Individual Soul

An incisive individual, dedicated to helping others, recently queried: “Why has the government not overcome the drug/suicide epidemic (in the same way we have the HIV/AIDS crisis)? Why is there no “Great Society” program to prevent drug addiction and death?” And I replied with my prior thinking on this question, saying:

(1) parents and children have failed to organize themselves into a voting-block;

(2) our social Darwinian society shames and blames those who have been stricken with drug addiction;

(3) we collectively lack moral fiber;

(4) we suffer from the unconscious and ancient urge for human bloodletting and scapegoating.

And I wondered, while all I had said was true, what was I missing?

It became clear to me that it is impossible to evaluate what we need to do to conquer our plague of drugs and despair without analyzing the phenomenon of power and the employment of brainwashing by a select group of the military-industrial, intelligence, tech, financial, consumer corporate, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, media, and academia leaderships to influence the masses to the point of complete domination.

It is impossible to evaluate what we need to do to conquer our plague of drugs and despair without analyzing the phenomenon of power and the employment of brainwashing

We must take a hard look at what has happened to us in order to fight back on behalf of ourselves and our children. If you want to attain total power over the American people, then you must destroy their freedoms. To do this, you must annihilate their original avouched belief in God, because in so doing you separate them from their very reason for national being and personal liberty.

You achieve this forswearing of faith by taking prayer out of the schools, along with any mention of our founders’ deep abiding religious sense.

Then you create a chain reaction of cultural causes (set forth in Part I) that destroys our educational system and the family economically and abolishes traditional stay-at-home parenthood and the teaching of ancestral lore, spiritual practice, and national pride. Family fracture creates the separation of the generations, playing each one off against the other, and leaving each undefended against outside attack. This results in the devastating grief of loss between absent mothers and fathers and their neglected and traumatized sons and daughters which is soul-crushing and immobilizing.

Then you assure that adults and children alike will not be able to restore their group and inner cohesion by increasing financial pressure and injecting fatal and addictive drugs along with other addictions of all sorts (smart phone use, social media, on-line pornography and video kill games, to name a few), malevolence, ugliness, and immorality into the soul-fluid of the culture

These are formidable mental, physical, and psychic enslavements. All this is accomplished through the saturation of repetitive group messaging, without the victims even being aware of what is happening to them. They are trapped in a spider’s web.

Ultimately, this is a pandemic of evil, and we cannot cure the drug/opioid/suicide epidemic without addressing the overall ills of the nation on all levels and replacing them with psychological optimism, mental integration, self-determination, shared spiritual uplift, and vibrancy of individual soul.

I was also asked why, until some 60 years ago, drinking had always taken place, but drugs were considered an anathema? When did drugs become “cool”? And this is a key part of the problem. Drug use arose in response to the events of the 1960’s:

(1) The removal of our foundational belief in a Supreme Being from the culture combined with

(2) The national mental fracturing that resulted from: the assassinations of Medger Evers, President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy, as well as the disillusionment of the Vietnam War.

And again, I wondered, while all I had said was true, what was I missing?

People have become desensitized so their mental processes and moral instincts may be all the more easily paralyzed because they are made to fear and allow their former beliefs to be destroyed as they convert to the new beliefs society seems to demand.

Lies are called truth, evil is called good, and disease is called health. And this inversion incursion has created a world where God, love, and hope are nowhere to be found.

Increasing numbers of individuals have been habituated into a hypnotized horde, divorced from their original Creator, well-being, and their freedoms. So, we find that the opioid/suicide epidemic serves a mighty plan. If you are brainwashed, you cannot act in your enlightened self-interest, and this results in states of mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical malaise that further weaken the ability to unite in conjoined political behalf. It also spawns secondary and tertiary maladies, allowing the masterminds to profit again by offering non-curative and addictive, but lucrative, fake panaceas to treat the blights they have engendered.

Power brokers gain additionally from the pain, panic, and hopelessness they have created by:

(1) peddling enormously profitable pain killers (such as OxyContin) and other addictive anti-anxiety medications;

(2) turning a blind eye when agents engage in the sex and human trafficking of children and adults alike. The United States has now become one of the top five countries in the world with the highest rates of child prostitution;

(3) participating in a failed rehab/mental health care system of booming profit centers (for the facilities, Big Pharma, and the insurance companies) that boast a 95% recidivism rate and guarantee that no one is ever cured, and “customers” must keep returning;

(4) allowing banks to enjoy the liquidity of multi-millions of dollars through money laundering the profits of drug dealing, human and sex trafficking, and arms trading, etc.

The poisonous programming on every level has left us with a nation of child abuse, causing our young people to die in ever-increasing numbers from lethal substances, grief-filled anger, and acute sadness.

What is there to live for on a planet of deliberate cruelty, abuse of power, exploitation, falsehood, horror, the worship of inhuman materialistic externals, spiritual confusion, septic mental indoctrination, fragmentation of mind and soul, with no Church to trust, and no family ties of love, or a genuine warm embrace to be found? Then there is the sense of total defeat, feeling that you cannot fight any of this, because it is too overwhelming, and in a world where money is the measure of all things, people will do anything for it, and get away with it.

One of history’s most powerful lessons is that an organized and well-funded minority can defeat any majority. Are we about to learn this lesson once again? Or what will happen when we the majority wake up, unite, and FIGHT BACK against this malignant, anti-democratic, minority of power/money-monger oppressors?

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Vivian Percy, Esq. is the author of Saving Jenny: How to Rescue Our Youth from America’s Opioid and Suicide Epidemic

Vivian is the author of Saving Jenny: How to Rescue Our Youth from America’s Opioid and Suicide Epidemic.

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