Meet the new Behmor Connected Coffee Brewer–themost advanced brewer for conveniently crafting your perfect cup of coffee every time–withprecise control over the elements that matter.

Make like a skilled barista directly fromyour phone, controlling water temperature, pre-soak time, and even setting delayed brewtimes in advance.

Or just get things started by pushing the brew button.

Getting your wifi set up and connected to the free Behmor app is simple.

Once you’re connected you can choose from the preset profiles, or customize your veryown profiles, as you come to master the art of home CRAFT coffee.

With the Connected Brewer, you are in complete control.

No more flipping the switch and hopingfor the best.

Set the water temperature to your exact preference, and the easy-to-fillstainless steel reservoir pre-heats your water from top down, minimizing heat loss.

And being as specific as entering your home altitude, you can even calibrate your brewerfor perfect water temp accuracy.

Setting a specific pre-soak time lets youadjust a “bloom” time based on the freshness of your coffee.

The “bloom” is a coffeesteeping process that is very similar to a barista’s pour over coffee technique.

Freshly ground coffee should have a longer pre-soak time to fully extract the coffee’sfull flavor profile.

And Behmor’s oversized spray head pulsesthe water flow for thorough saturation every time.

And throughout the brew cycle you can easily check the real-time status whenever you want.

Finally, utilizing Behmor’s double walled stainless steel carafe with brew-through lid,your coffee will remain hot for hours.

Triggering a text notification to you when your coffeeis ready! The result is an unparalleled coffee, automatedto save you time without losing the exquisite richness of a hand- crafted, pour-over coffee.

So if you find your hands are often full, but want a repeatedly perfect cup of coffeeright at home, wake up and smell the brewing revolution.

Now is the time to: be more inspired, be more empowered, Behmor connected.

Source: Youtube

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