good morning today I want togo over the control panel operation of your microwave oven and I’m going to begetting the information from the owners manual and we’re going to be going overthe control panel here so let me just zoom in and we’ll get started great first of all we’re going to startout with setting the clock and that is fairly easy you have two options you canset it to military time or set it to regular time andto do that you just press on CLOCK 12 hours or 24 that is military time so ifyou’d like to set it to military time you need to press 24 and then typethe time regular time 12 clock then you hit 12 and then just punch in the time and then that’ll set your clock 11:06 rightnow setting the kitchen timer that’s a neat feature if all your timers are being used you’re cooking a lot you just want to set your kitchen timer then you just hitkitchen timer say it’s a one-minute could hit it again and it will startcounting down next we’re going to go to express and express here with theparentheses here what you can do is just press one and it’ll start microwave oven and that goes all the way to 6minutes if you want to say cook oatmeal every morning I cook it and it’s oneminute 30 seconds i just press one minute plus 30 seconds and that’s itso that’s a nice little feature there we’ll go over that for seven eight andnine or if you want to do say three minutes 45 seconds you’re going to needto use your time cook button so you press time cook and do three minutes 45 seconds and then press start and that gets your say you want to do five minutes45 seconds you’ll need to do time cook five minutes 45 seconds and then press Start so that’s how you use your express cook and also using seven eight and nineusing your time cook button to set that makes adding 30 seconds so you just wantto heat something up really quickly you can just hit 30 seconds say it’s a minute-and-a-halfyou can just do a minute-and-a-half it you can keep adding 30 seconds to yourmicrowave time and that’s really a nice feature the next is the time button usingthe power level some recipes call for fifty percent of the power level usageso what you would do is click on Power Leverl cook and say it’s five minutes at fiftypercent of the power so you hit power level and then 10 his full power 5 is 50%and then press Start so your meal is going to be cooking at fifty percent ofthe power and here is a table that you can use in your owners manual so if yousay you wanted to cook at twenty percent of the power you press 2 when you hitpower level so that’s that’s pretty easy setting the time defrost time frost is basically saying when you put apiece of chicken and in there you know exactly how long it’s going to take todefrost that piece of chicken so you would put time in and youknow it’s going to take five minutes then you do that and press start andthen it will start defrosting chicken and it’ll take five minutes now if you’renot sure how long it’ll take say to defrost like whole package of chicken ora whole package of ground beef it says right on the packaging theweight of the ground meat or the chicken so you can use weight defrost so you’ll punch in the weight and the ounces so it’s a pound and a half of ground beef so youwould press weight and it’s asking you for the pounds one pound and eight ounces and then hit start and it’s going to take a littleover 16 minutes to defrost that pound and a half of ground meat so that is a nice feature to just walk away from that one touch cook is here it’s your one touchbaked potato popcorn pizza beverage frozen dinner and reheat baked potatoand you can put in one baked potato one it gives you a few seconds to act so youhave two baked potatoes and it will calculate how long waith a second so it’ll take onnine minutes to bake those two potatoes you can go up to two bakedpotatoes popcorn is just one bag of popcorn, pizza is up to twoslices so the first slice one piece if you have another slice to give it a fewseconds and about a minute and a half of that one piece in 30 seconds there next is the beverage, beverage starts out at four ounces and will keep going up so4 ounces if you know it 12 ounces glass of milk some tea and you just goup to 12 ounces and then if you give it a second it’ll calculate it’s going totake a little over two minutes to heat frozen dinner and this is something thatyou have in the freezer just hit frozen dinner and it’s aboutthe same if it goes based on 7 ounces you’re reheating a plate of dinner youcan click reheat and that’s about two minutes 30 seconds and say in the middle of your cooking you want to stir that dinner make sure it’s cooking evenly you can press pause open the door stir and hit start again in middle and that’s the one touch cook so this is one touch cook expresscook and then these numbers here you’ll need time cook next we’re going to go over two stage cook some frozen dinners require that you do two stage cooking the firststage meaning cooking at full power the second stage to use fifty percent ofpower so we’re going to do that instead of you having to come back and changethe power we can just set it all at one time so we’ll say the first stage is 100% powerand it calls for five minutes at full power 3 minutes fifty percent ofpower so that’s really easy so we’re going to go time cook five minutes andthen we’ll go to power level and we’re going press ten that’s ten and then youhave time to cook it gives you a number two and the stage 2 three minutes andthen the power is going to be five or fifty percent and press start so first part is going to cook at fullpower and then the second part is going to cook at fifty percent of the powerand then when it’s all done cooking the microwave oven will default to 100%power which is 10 also if your meal needs to sit say 5 minutesthat would be eight minutes of cooking time plus five minutes ofsitting time so that would be 13 minutes you can set your microwave kitchen timer for 13 minutes and that will beep one it’s been cooked and sat and rested for awhile and then it’s complete so that’s nice next lastly setting child lock easyhere you have a picture of lock and then it says hold and then unlock soyou’re going to use your Stop Clear button so what you’re going to do is just press stop clear for three seconds and then here it will illuminatelock so if you know somebody wants to use the microwave oven popcorn it’snot going to work if they want to use Express cook it’s not going to workuntil you unlock so then you’ll need to press stop clear again for 30 secondsand then it’s unlocked so we can press popcorn I hope this demonstration was helpful toyou thank you for watching and please sharethe video.

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