Oscar Nominees: 2017

Yet another year where The Social Network isn’t up for Best Picture

I use my Medium account exactly once a year and it’s to complain about the Oscar nominees. Only covering categories I have opinions on. Like, I haven’t seen the documentary shorts so I don’t think I really need to comment on them.

Best Picture
 Nominees: Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, La La Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight
 Remaining to See: none of them! Seen em all!!
 My Preference: Lion! Truly a movie-going experience that I haven’t felt in a long time or maybe ever. Lion was personally my favorite movie of the year and even if it maybe doesn’t have the makings of a Best Picture winner I loved it more than anything else. I would be happy though with most of the nominees winning. It’s gonna go to La La Land which I disagree with but I totally understand why it’s winning
 Should Have Been Nominated: Jackie, Miss Sloane, The Lobster, American Honey. With only 9 movies nominated I’m genuinely surprised that Jackie didn’t take the 10th spot
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: do I even have to explain why Hacksaw Ridge should not have been nominated omg….

Best Actor
 Nominees: Casey Affleck, Andrew Garfield, Ryan Gosling, Viggo Mortensen, Denzel Washington
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: Viggo :) But I think Casey and Denzel deserve it the most, maybe preferring Denzel
 Should Have Been Nominated: SUNNY PAWAR. He deserves that Oscar more than anyone who was actually nominated I can’t believe this. I knew he wasn’t going to be nominated but it’s still sad to see the best performance of the year go completely unappreciated. Michael Keaton should also be nominated lol and let’s say McConaughey why not
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling were both completely average. Nothing special enough to deserve a nomination. And here’s the (not-so-)controversial opinion: Casey Affleck should not have been nominated. I’m a huge proponent of divorcing creators from their work and I completely recognize that Casey gave the best performance. But the Academy could have made a statement by not nominating him.

Best Actress
 Nominees: Isabelle Huppert, Ruth Negga, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep
 Remaining to See: Meryl Streep
 My Preference: Natalie Portman had me crying in the club!!!!
 Should Have Been Nominated: Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, Hailee Steinfeld, Rachel Weisz
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: none. I would have loved to see Chastain or Amy get it but not over any of the woman who were nominated

Best Supporting Actor
 Nominees: Mahershala Ali, Jeff Bridges, Lucas Hedges, Dev Patel, Michael Shannon
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: Mahershala but I’m happy with any of them! So much talent in this category!
 Should Have Been Nominated: Peter Sarsgaard and Michael Stuhlbarg, this Pawn Sacrifice reunion. Also Timothy Spall like what the hell
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: 4 legends and then lucas hedges jdksfhdjfh sorry kid. Also don’t get me wrong I LOVE Michael Shannon but if it came down to him and Stuhlbarg I know with which Michael my loyalties would lay

Best Supporting Actress
 Nominees: Viola Davis, Naomi Harris, Nicole Kidman, Octavia Spencer, Michelle Williams
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: crazy how Viola invented acting yet she doesn’t have an Oscar yet
 Should Have Been Nominated: Greta Gerwig, Janelle Monae
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: Nicole Kidman and honestly Naomi Harris lmao I don’t get the hype

Best Directing
 Nominees: Denis Villeneuve, Mel Gibson, Damien Chazelle, Kenneth Lonergan, Barry Jenkins
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: Denis Villeneuve or Barry Jenkins
 Should Have Been Nominated: Kelly Reichardt. Andrea Arnold. Ava Duvernay. Mira Nair. Meera Menon. Kelly Fremon Craig. 
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: Mel Gibson.

Animated Feature Film
 Nominees: Kubo and the Two Strings, Moana, My Life as a Zucchini, The Red Turtle, Zootopia
 Remaining to See: My Life as a Zucchini and The Red Turtle
 My Preference: Moana
 Should Have Been Nominated: A Long Way North
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: can’t speak for 2 of them and the other 3 deserved it

 Nominees: Arrival, La La Land, Lion, Moonlight, Silence
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: Arrival
 Should Have Been Nominated: adam arkapaw is one of the most talented cinematographers working today but sure lets just ignore him during Oscar season! Also Jackie getting snubbed is criminal.
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: La La Land

Costume Design
 Nominees: Allied, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Florence Foster Jenkins, Jackie, La La Land
 Remaining to See: Allied, FFJ
 My Preference: Jackie
 Should Have Been Nominated: 20th Century Women. I didn’t notice the details in the costuming and production design until my second viewing but both might be among my favorites of the year. Such excellent use of color. Also Live by Night, Hidden Figures, Hail Caesar, Miss Sloane, Loving, The Light Between Oceans, Lion, Love and Friendship
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: Fantastic Beasts

Original Score
 Nominees: Jackie, La La Land, Lion, Moonlight, Passengers
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: Jackie but they all went off and deserve a win
 Should Have Been Nominated: The Light Between Oceans, The Witch, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, The Neon Demon, Hail Caesar, Arrival, Gold (I love you Daniel Pemberton)
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: La La Land i hate jazz

Original Song
 Nominees: Audition (The Fools Who Dream), Can’t Stop the Feeling, City of Stars, The Empty Chair, How Far I’ll Go
 Remaining to See Hear: The Empty Chair
 My Preference: How Far I’ll Go
 Should Have Been Nominated: Runnin from Hidden Figures, MONTAGE FROM SWISS ARMY MAN!!!!!, Hozier’s song from The BFG, We Know the Way, Gold (I love you Daniel Pemberton)
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: Can’t Stop the Feeling, City of Stars

Production Design
 Nominees: Arrival, Fantastic Beasts, Hail Caesar, La La Land, Passengers
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: Passengers or Arrival, but Arrival gets the edge if production design includes the heptapod language oh my GOD incredible
 Should Have Been Nominated: 20th Century Women, The Witch, Love and Friendship, Silence I guess
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: La La Land, Fantastic Beasts

Sound Editing
 Nominees: Arrival, Deepwater Horizon, Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land, Sully
 Remaining to See: Deepwater, Sully
 My Preference: Arrival
 Should Have Been Nominated: The Light Between Oceans, the first movie all year to genuinely impress me with its sound editing
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: idk hkjhdkjh

Sound Mixing
 Nominees: Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land, Rogue One, 13 Hours
 Remaining to See: 13 Hours
 My Preference: Arrival
 Should Have Been Nominated: idc
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: la la land had the worst sound mixing this year I really cannot believe that it’s going to win this award especially against arrival I’m so mad it’s truly the nomination I’m most upset about

Adapted Screenplay
 Nominees: Arrival, Fences, Hidden Figures, Lion, Moonlight
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: Moonlight
 Should Have Been Nominated: Love and Friendship without a doubt! Also Certain Women and Denial
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: none, legends only

Original Screenplay
 Nominees: Manchester by the Sea, La La Land, Hell or High Water, 20th Century Women, The Lobster
 Remaining to See: none
 My Preference: THE LOBSTER!!!!! My favorite screenplay of the year!! I was so ready to have a big spiel about homogeny in academy nominations and how it punishes anything different and we don’t reward the actual best in each category we just award the same 5 movies that everyone loves. But then The Lobster pulled through! Congrats Efthimis Filippou and Yorgos Lanthimos!
 Should Have Been Nominated: Matt Ross not being nominated was THE upset of the year for me. I didn’t expect him to be nominated but then he started making predictions lists and Captain Fantastic was being nominated for things and I got my hopes so high but he couldn’t pull it off. Oh well maybe next year. Just for the record Miss Sloane should have been nominated too and Eye in the Sky
 Should Not Have Been Nominated: La La Land lol is this a joke….while matt ross sits alone in san fransisco and Damien collects this oscar………………………………..

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