Five innovative ideas for a small bathroom

Designing a bathroom can be a very challenging task, and if it comes to a small bathroom, the task seems to be even more tough. If you have a small bathroom, and you wish to design it so that you get the best possible space, the article will help you the best in doing so.

You may see thousand of bathroom designs from all around the works, but implementing it in your bathroom can be difficult, To help you with the same, here are some of the small bathroom projects and the examples that might work for yours.

Idea #1

  • Wall mount toilets: If there is enough space in the walls of the bathroom to accommodate a toilet tank, this will help you in saving both the legroom and the floor spacing. If the above stated is no possible, try adding some wooden shelves just above the tank for storing purpose and extend the top of the vanity to form a narrow ledge.

Idea #2

  • Shower panels and glass tub with no frames: Speaking honestly, nobody prefers to have shower curtains. The reason being they are very difficult to clean and also they gets stuck to your skin when you are bathing. If seen visually they also close almost one-third of the bathroom space. To avoid these hassle, it is recommended that you remove the shower curtains and replace them with a frameless glass panel. This helps in letting more light into your bathtub area and also add space. They are known for quick installation and are very easy to maintain and are an ideal choice for small bathrooms.

Idea #3

  • Mount wooden cabinets and open shelves on the walls: Often, good storage space in small bathrooms is compromised. When it is not available on the floor, it is surely available on the walls. It is advisable that you choose recessed cabinets with a mirror in front just above the sink to improve the storage. Also, keep some open shelves to make the appearance of the bathroom soft and light.

Idea #4

  • Add mirror walls: Adding a mirror on any one of the entire wall can make your small bathroom look big and at the same time give you a feeling of a room. This idea is effective along one of the side of a narrow length of the bathroom or just above the vanity. Mirrors also help in good reflection, so with them, you can improve the lighting in your bathroom.
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