Glazed Lemon-Thyme Poppyseed Cake

Well, hello there!

I guess I should start by introducing myself since this is my first post. My name is Vivian and I’ve worked in a library for going on five years now. I’d like to say I read more than the average bear, but that’s only true when it comes to people who read 10 books or less annually. I also enjoy art and baking, and that is where this post comes from. I never really post about my journey as a baker and I’d love to share it with you all. I’ll share my successes and even my failures. We all start somewhere, right? I’d like to share my experience of baking Glazed Lemon-Thyme Poppyseed Cake(s) — more like a dessert bread.

Glazed Lemon-Thyme Poppyseed Cake

No, this recipe is not mine but the photos are taken by yours truly. My favorite recipes to learn are from Bake From Scratch! I just think they are easy to follow while they simultaneously put up a challenge for the average baker.

I’m going to talk about the one thing that I would change from my personal experience and that’s the glaze. I’m not sure why mine was as runny as it was. I either used too much lemon juice or not enough confectioner’s sugar, but that’s a simple fix that I can work on next time. I definitely don’t blame the recipe for that one.

I think that lemon and thyme mix incredibly well together; Two peas in a pod. I enjoyed the sour of the lemon mixed with the slight herb taste of the thyme. There really isn’t anything quite like it.

I think I’d give myself a pat on the back for a successful sweet dessert. As a beginner baker, there is always slight hesitation when it comes to something more advanced than the quintessential chocolate chip cookie. This was a step in the right direction.

I had to buy items for this recipe that I’ve never purchased before as a baker, oddly enough. Some of those include a lemon squeezer (for convenience, of course), fresh thyme, and poppy seeds. This is just a heads up if you decide to make this for yourself.

I highly recommend this recipe if you’re interested. The link from where the recipe is from is above. Just double check you have all the ingredients before you dive in and you should be golden.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my journey through the land of desserts. It won’t / hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t trade this hobby for the world. It’s relaxing and fun to learn. I hope you also continue pop in to read about my other hobbies — books and art. It’s fun here, I promise!

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