Nice post Vivian!
G Narro

Hey G Narro! Great question! I completely agree with you that having 2 could be quite annoying, and also agree with you that you’d have to prioritize.

It so happens that Instagram is a great example for your question! In posts where there are products, only the white dots show up to display the products and the comments don’t slide down.

And it makes sense that they’ve prioritized products to commenting. One makes them more money, so the business case for this particular prioritization makes sense.

But I also think it makes sense to show products from the user’s perspective. Normally, when a user stops scrolling to study a post, that means that he’s interested in whatever’s in the photo. If there’s a product in the photo, then there’s a high chance that the user has stopped to study some aspect of the product, in one way or another, in which case, the user would probably want to know that there is a product (more than they’d want to comment).

So, which nudge to give preference to depends on the situation’s business case and user needs. Hope that answers your question!