A poem

We contemplate the if-only,
when times are bad,
when reminiscing the past good times,
when possibilities are present.

If only our threads of thought are
decipherable to the eyes.
If only our minds are in harmony,
and flow as one.

If only a zookeeper is present
to feed our ever-hungry inner beast.
If only a painter can draw,
and create life corridors out from paper.

If only the torrential rain can
wash away the chatter in our mind.
If only a fresh breeze can serve
as a catalyst of change.

If only the connection we seek
is accessible and visible.
If only someone extends a hand,
for us to grasp before falling.

If only, if only, if only.
Unrealistic our thoughts or wishes, maybe.
But sometimes, if-only is only what have,
to make sense of life.

How you view its presence determines your life course

Fear is an intense and primitive human emotion. It alerts us to harm or dangers, be it physical or psychological. Fear is constant and appears when you least expect it. It is also contagious and spreads easily to others.

The triggers of our fears are many. We fear because we lack knowledge. We fear because we lack foresight. We fear because we lack capability. We fear because we lack control.

Technology enhances information exchange. Yet, it is also the best instrument to spread fear. False information creates and amplifies unwarranted fear. …

A Poem

I recall that fateful trip,
a trip to escape the hustle-bustle.
It is also a trip to self-reflect,
a trip to recuperate.

I wished I can share with you,
pouring my insides unto you.
At least to offload a bit,
to lessen the burden.

I ruminated, desiring peace of mind.
But my desire to confide disappeared
when I looked at you.
You were a stranger,
engrossed in your own thoughts.

That moment, it hit me hard.
Though our bodies were close,
our hearts beat differently.
Together yet alone.

I wondered when my feelings for you fade. …

Vivienne Teh

Write to learn and inspire; https://unsplash.com/@vivienneteh123

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