How I started my writing journey

It is not what I expected

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I love reading and have a voracious appetite for books since my schooling years. I spend the majority of my free time reading whatever books that I can lay my hands on.

Due to my love of books, I remember making a bold declaration when I was 14 years old after being asked about my ambition: I want to be a writer when I grow up.

Fast forward 20 years later and guess what? I have not written or published a single blog post or article. Why? This is because I attempted many times and none of them came to fruition.

And I felt that I am not good enough. Nobody will be interested in what I write. So why bother writing? I better just stick to reading and leave the experts to write.

Then somewhere in last year, my cousin brother introduced me to Medium app since we both enjoy reading. I subscribed to it and spent many hours daily reading articles about self-improvement, relationships and so on.

As much as I enjoy reading them, I never thought of writing on Medium. Until one personal incident triggered me to write my first article. It was a falling-out with my friend who is suffering from anxiety and depression.

As mentioned in that article, I did not understand nor take his depression and personal issues seriously, assuming that he is back to normal. I misunderstood his anger and irritability. And things were made harder as it has changed to a long-distance friendship and we can no longer communicate in person.

In those 2 months, I vented my anger and frustration to him by sending long WhatsApp messages for his rude and unkind words. I even wrote a 6-pages long Word document just to convey how I feel about our friendship and his behavior (using the infamous ENFP’s bitch slap method). Only after I started reading and researching about anxiety and depression, I finally understand his behavior and needs better.

Then one Saturday afternoon, I had a light-bulb moment. Why don’t I write from my perspective: a friend who is struggling to understand and support a depressed friend? So I did and published it 2 weeks later.

Unfortunately, the situation with my friend has not changed for the better (and that is another whole story to tell). On the bright side though, I started writing since then.

I had my initial worries that I will run out of ideas or topics to write. But the daily reading of Medium articles helped a lot, in generating ideas or topics to write. With reading and also practice, writing gets easier with time.

Due to my 8–5 day job and also being new to writing, I still do not have a fixed writing routine. I write whenever I am free in the day and after work.

Writing has also personally improved my emotional and mental health tremendously. My mind gets clearer as my ideas and thoughts are put down in words, in a form that I can see with my own eyes.

My goal for this year is to keep writing. Write to learn, write to improve, write to inspire, write to share.

To the readers out there who aspires to write, why not give writing a try? Don’t let self-doubt hold you back from writing. Start small. Start journaling.

Write anything that comes to mind. Most importantly, write for you and start your writing journey.

Write to learn and inspire;

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