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Medisim is an Augmented Reality(AR) medical simulation project with Abe(the first abdominal simulator) as an abdominal examination practice tool for medical students before facing real patients in real world.

What does the whole experience consist of ?

The final vision of the project would be a Medical Simulated Interactive Manikin consisting of :

What is Abdominal Examination?

The abdominal examination, in medicine, is performed as part of a physical examination, or when a patient presents with abdominal pain or a history that suggests an abdominal pathology.

The examination has certain procedure, including eyes, hands, skin and nails examination. Doctors will then analyze the symptoms to make the conclusion of what disease the patient would possibly have. It’s the first step diagnosis before further physical or chemical examinations.

Why medical students would need this medical simulation experience?

The target users of our project is medical students / trainee who already have the knowledge about internal organs, the correlation between diseases and symptoms, and process of the whole abdominal examination. However, they are still lack of clinical examination skills and the attitude of coming to real patients.

The goal of the experience:

For students / trainees:

Practice abdominal examination skills

Master the correlation between diseases and symptoms

For teachers:

Evaluate and keep track of students’ learning progress

Teach the examination process and diagnosis skills

What would AR contribute to the experience?

1.Bring Abe to life by projecting a head and arms, in order to let the students finish certain steps of abdominal examination which involves examining eyes, hands and nails.

2.If needed, providing 3D vision of internal organs and related disease info simultaneously to help diagnose the disease and understand the shape and arrangement of (deformed) organs.

The user flow

As our client said, they want the teacher to control if the student/trainee could control see the internal organs or the related information. Thus, we decide to makes a mode switch for the teacher to control.

User Flow
Customer Journey Map Development
Final promotion video
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