Big ups to Nigeria on Sexism

I am sitting in the cab waiting for it to get full, to my left is a woman. A potential passenger (male) walks up to the “agbero” and asks for the fare rates, he haggles a bit and gets in right beside me.

The following conversation occurs then.

Me: Oga please adjust you are pressing me

Ego man: I am coming let me get money out of my pocket.

*i wait, he pays, he opens his legs and get more comfortable, the driver comes and starts the car.

Five minutes later, the following conversation happen again

Me: Oga you have not adjusted

Ego man: I should come down for you abi (in a loud voice)

Woman on my side: Abeg manage its just 10mins.

Driver: Aunty you know no say Man go open leg?

Idiot in front: Na so all these girls no dey respect men

Woman on my side: He is a man, leave him

Me: *confusion and shock*

I let it go.

Please don’t be like me, never let it go. Men have no right to do whatever they feel just because of their sex.

Fight for every single thing, and if you don’t win, continue to fight.

P.S: I am 5'2" and weigh 50kg

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