How might we creatively use leftover materials?

VIVISTOP Telliskivi
Dec 5, 2019 · 4 min read

A case study of our collaboration with Fotografiska

Our collaboration with Fotografiska Contemporary Photography Centre started already earlier this autumn. Being located in the same area — Telliskivi Creative City — Fotografiska offered us to make use of the wall stickers of their past exhibitions.

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

For Fotografiska, it is part of their “minimize waste” mindset, which can be experienced in various aspects throughout the visit in Fotografiska. For example, the restaurant on the top floor of the building, run by the renowned local chef Peeter Pihel, uses a zero-waste principle in preparing the dishes.

For VIVITA, this links well to our philosophy and approach — we constantly encourage and challenge children to look at the world and the use of materials from a fresh perspective and to cultivate the ability to see anything as an exciting and useful resource and raw material.

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

Hence, we were super excited when, in November, Fotografiska approached us to learn if we would be interested in helping decorate their cafeteria area for Christmas.

An absolutely exquisite exhibition “Wonderland” by a British fine art photographer Kirsty Mitchell had just ended, and there were piles of beautifully coloured leftover wall stickers waiting to be used by the young creative minds.

Photo: Kirsty Mitchell

Fotografiska is settled in a renovated industrial building, with high ceilings on all of its floors, the ceilings being particularly high on the ground floor where the cafe is located. Hence, we found this interior perfect to create mobiles that could be hung down from the ceiling.

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

To create more awareness on the circular economy / no waste / reuse mindset, we launched a public event to make decorations together with the Fotografiska staff, museum visitors and children. Yes, children from the nearby schools were invited to take part. Children could design their decorations — leave something for the cafe and take some back home with them. In return for their help, they could visit the Fotografiska exhibitions for free.

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

To make the process of designing even more fun, VIVITA brought their technology to Fotografiska for the event. For creating their decorations, the children were encouraged to use VIVISHELL, a custom software by VIVITA with an easy interface for creating shapes and patterns for laser cutter.

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

The designs created by children were thereafter cut out with the laser cutter and hung as a mobile in Fotografiska cafe. Laser cutting technology allows children to make detailed drawings and cut it out precisely.

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

The beautiful earthly and vibrant colours of Kirsty Mitchell’s exhibition allowed us to create a magical atmosphere in the cafeteria for the holiday season.

We hope this project inspires other organisations as well to think about creative projects with the reusing mindset and children’s involvement. If so, feel free to contact us and let’s discuss how we can design and create together with the children.

VIVITA and VIVISTOP Telliskivi are grateful for Fotografiska for the lovely collaboration and a heartwarming thank you to all the children and gallery visitors who participated in the project. ❤

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

VIVISTOP Telliskivi

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