Our Future With Robots — Mina Inoue

VIVISTOP Telliskivi
Dec 8, 2019 · 2 min read

A robot-enthusiast Mina Inoue(11) from Japan visited Estonia to get to know Estonian education and in return shared some interesting facts about Japanese education. She has also visited Estonia earlier this year.

Photos: Sigrid Kägi

As technology in Estonia and Japan both is becoming bigger and bigger topic to talk about, she brought two of her favourite robots to Estonia. As Mina elaborated: “We introduced two smart robots to Estonian children. One of them is both a robot and a smartphone. It’s called “Robohon”. The other one is called “Orihime” which you can move either with a mobile app or a computer and it helps people with disabilities to manage in their homes.”

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

To share her knowledge about robots and technology, she held a workshop in VIVISTOP Telliskivi to children with the purpose to get to know which robots would the kids like to have in order to improve their everyday life. First of all, Mina taught everyone how to write their names in Japanese.

Photo: Anette-Heleri Lind

Soon after, she made an interesting presentation in English about the robots. Then she asked the kids to imagine, which robot would they want to have in their everyday life. The ideas of the robots were sketched on paper and later on, everyone pitched their ideas. All the ideas were outstanding, such as a toothbrush robot, a best friend robot, who helps to stop the bullying problem, a dog robot and a tutor robot to help you solve the homework.

Photo: Sigrid Kägi

“I think Estonian and Japanese education systems are quite different, but both can learn many things from each other”, said Mina. She is really keen on Estonian education and would like to increase the connections between Estonia and Japan and to make many more collaborations.