The Membership Process in VIVISTOP Telliskivi

VIVISTOP Telliskivi is ready for a new and even more exciting season, where we are also welcoming new members.

Another summer has passed and members are welcomed to settle in again. For the new season, VIVISTOP Telliskivi is welcoming new active members to join with us. The guide on how to become a member is pictured down below.

5 Step-by-Step Guide of The Membership Process:

  1. We’re really glad that you want to become a member in VIVISTOP Telliskivi. The first step for you would be to visit our studio and team with your parents. This requires prior registration in Eventbrite.
  2. Moving on from here come to us for 3x trial days where we will give you a variety of exciting challenges to solve.
  3. The last Friday of every month is the Pitch Event, where you come and present your world-changing idea. From there, we formalize the membership agreement and select one of the mentors from our team to assist you in completing the project.
  4. After the Pitch Event takes place the Design Thinking ABC, during what we develop project ideas and give advice.
  5. Then the time has come for you to work on your project and make it come a reality. When the project is ready, be prepared to present your cool project to others.

In addition, VIVISTOP has also many exciting workshops where you can participate as a member. As VIVITA operates internationally around the world, other children, just like you, are working on their own cool projects as well.

From the coming season, we’re also inviting new people to join our volunteer group to participate in our VIVISTOP Telliskivi events and workshops. Let us know by filling out the application form here.

Above all else, keep an eye on our activities and future workshops by signing up for our newsletter.

VIVISTOP Telliskivi Team

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VIVISTOP Telliskivi

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Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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