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  • Anna


    ❤ X

  • Paul O'Shea

    Paul O'Shea

    Digital Humanities PhD researcher, Lecturer/Tutor in University College Cork.

  • Pavlos Chatzigregory

    Pavlos Chatzigregory

    Researching on Heritage, teaching, being a father, a husband, living with #vitiligo and enjoying #syros

  • Derek Haines

    Derek Haines

    Factotum at Just Publishing Advice, serial blogger, teacher and author. I write a lot, which keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. Mostly harmless.

  • Future of Content

    Future of Content

    I'm Kevin from Exprima. I dig up new ways people make content and share it with you. Did you know you can make a playable game from a paper sketch?

  • PACKED vzw

    PACKED vzw

    Expertise on creation, cataloguing, storage, preservation, access and exchange processes for digital heritage sources, including audiovisual arts and sources.

  • Koven J. Smith

    Koven J. Smith

    Director of Digital Adaptation @ Blanton Museum of Art. Former DAM, Met, and IMA. Founder of #drinkingaboutmuseums. Sarcastic. Also drums.

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