Crypto International ($CRI) Distribution Plan

Key Points:

  • The targeting circumstances supply CRI is 70% of the total supply of CRI.
  • Launched on November 2021.
  • Almost of the company amounts are locked up over 3 years.
  • All of the team amounts are locked up over 3 years.
  • Less pre-sale or reservation agreements (Lock-up 3 years).
  • COSMTEA has a contract written with teams, backers and advisors so that there is no disruption to the CRI price and ecosystem.
  • CRI is a PoS token, and you can mint an additional 10B from the existing 10B through staking.

We are pleased to announce the details of the CRI token. You can trade CRI at any time through current exchanges, and now you have taken the first step.
You can check details through Coiningecko, Nomics, and our Business Plan.

Our Values

Based on ERC-20, a PoS-based CRI token has been released to the world. Through CRI, we are making all people who use the ecosystem called COSMETA no restrictions on the use of all infrastructure environments that we have and will expand. In this way, we will be able to provide the best settlement environment for all migrants around the world.
Even now, we are increasing our number of partners, and we are based on actual legal entities that provide HR services to job seekers and businesses. We plan to gradually expand the service scope, starting with the provision of HR services through blockchain technology.

Manitou Project

Through the Manitou project, CRI users form a group to help each other and receive help, which will be announced in the first half of 2022. This makes it possible for users with higher contributions to CRI to obtain higher rewards than before.

CRI Allocation

Total Supply (Final max amount): 20,000,000,000 CRI

Distributed to Community (67%)

As a quantity distributed to the general public, it will be released through IDO or general exchanges (CEX or DEX exchanges). We will provide more clarity on the topic of governance in future posts.

Reserved Funding (22%)

COSMETA’s share of the company. This will allow arbitrary forces to control the evil that drives the price of CRI. Most of these volumes are locked up for at least 3 years and will continue to be maintained unless there is a good reason.

Founders and Team (5%)

As the quantity is distributed to founding team members, some of the bested quantities will be locked up for at least 3 years. Other quantities are vested sequentially on a payroll basis, and the contract is written so that there is no disruption to the CRI price and ecosystem.

Partnership (3%)

Our backers and advisors provided the capital, resources, and guidance to enable us to build a team, establish a strong legal entity, and build a fully functional product prior to the token launch. As a result, we have a proven track record and can offer tokens that are truly useful. The quantity is locked up for at least 3 years. Partners and COSMTEA have a contract written so that there is no disruption to the CRI price and ecosystem.

Ecosystem (1.5%)

In order to build an ecosystem, the amount distributed so that the general public can easily access it will give users the ease of using the infrastructure.

Campaign (1.5%)

This is the amount distributed to the general public through the CRI WALLET app or exchanges.

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