Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head
Darius Foroux

Awesome deeply post, love your writing style too. Maybe I’m the one who lucky enough that can read this great writing .

Honestly, this is my first comment, since I joined medium a couple minute before.

Just wondering to myself, the first post I read before was written by Quincy Larson, and the seventh post I read written by you (Darius, its your real name right? 😊).

Ok, I know its sounds crazy, but my first child name is Darias Quincy. Darias is other spelling name use that has same meaning as Darius.

Well maybe its not so important thought, just interesting for me. How could it happen? How many possibility or how statistic could explain why this happen? Well, now I just start thinking again 😉 😀

Sorry for my english, its not my native language.

Keep writing, and have a great day.

Thank you 🙏