How to start learning cryptography 🔑

—this is what people ask me often 😊

Below you’ll find my typical reply, that I’ll keep updating when changing my mind.

Listen to cosmic Prof. Felix!

📕 I can really recommend a Serious Cryptography book. It’s awesome, easy-to-understand and covers many questions starting from discussing Randomness to Quantum Computing.

📒 Of course, the Cryptography Engineering book by Schneier is a must have as well: deep, serious, practical.

📺 Also, on Coursera there’s a Cryptography 1 and 2 courses. They are quite deep (I mean quite complicated).

🖥 Aaaand I like Applied Cryptography lessons on Udacity (they are easy and interactive!).

🕹 Aaaaand crypto101 is a pdf book, explaining both basic crypto-algorithms and more complex crypto-systems.

📝 pFarb/awesome-crypto-papers— many links on different concepts, articles, books. Great starting point when you’ve learnt simple things and want to continue with more complicated ones.

💻 sobolevn/awesome-cryptography — more practical links here: libraries, tools, easy-to-integrate encryption bits into your infrastructure. Tip: select ‘boring crypto’ libs.

🦊 vixentael/my-talks — my own talks about applied cryptography/security for developers. I touch many different aspects, from secure app architecture to tips-and-tricks every dev can do. Each presentation has ‘home reading list’ on the last slide 😊

Sometimes you can find 💎 like cat explaining HTTPS, or explain-me-like-I’m-five series about Zero Knowledge Proof, E2EE, or great video about public-key-cryptography based on mixing colors.

Hope it helps 🤟