A Foolproof Way to Figuring Out What Topics YOU Should Cover in Your Digital Brand

Content Buckets. Topics. Hashtags. Themes.

These words all answer the same question: what the heck are you going to share on your social accounts?

If you’re a reporter, educator or specialist/expert, it’s pretty easy to determine which topics you’re going to cover.

If you’re trying to relaunch a brand or launch a new segment of an existing brand, you can often find yourself bogged down by the 5 W’s and an H:

WHO am I talking to?
 WHAT am I talking about?
 WHEN am I talking to them?
 WHERE am I talking to them? (ex: Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram)
 WHY am I talking to them? (ex: information, product launch, request for user generated content)
 HOW am I talking to them? (ex: video, photo, quote card, infographic, image)

This not only applies to personal brands and their fans but also to commercial brands and their followers and/or customers. The hardest part of this process? Figuring out which topics to cover so you know WHO you are talking to!

How do you do that?

You brainstorm!

  • Take out a legal pad or blank sheet of paper.
  • Write down all things that speak to your brand.
  • Circle the top 5.

Those are the first topics you’ll focus on in your content launch. The most important thing to remember? If you’re launching a product or new concept, make sure that topic is primary and fits into the other topics.

For example, if you’re a yoga teacher and you’re launching your private courses, start by talking about the benefits of yoga, your technique and re-sharing relevant content. Then, start peppering in some content about the types of classes you offer, the results your clients have had and how you solve the problem for your clients/fans.

This process gets replicated over and over again as you continue to grow your brand. I like to do this monthly so that I can shift priorities as needed AND so that I give myself several weeks to see what sticks.

Once you have your topics, you’ll focus on your branding because until you figure out what you’re talking about and who you’re talking to, you have no way of evaluating what others in the space do with colors, icons and language… and that is an essential part of engaging the right audience!

Originally published at creativixmedia.com on January 10, 2016.

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